Six Month Checkups

Periodic and Comprehensive Examinations

Dr. Bemis performs regular dental exams for new and returning patients. After a thorough review of the patient’s full medical history, Dr. Bemis will inspect the teeth, tongue, throat and other oral structures for signs of pathology including cavities, tumors, and abnormalities.

Digital Dental Radiographs

Dental X-rays are a vital part of the dental examination. Bitewing radiographs (both posterior and anterior) should be taken every year, while a full mouth series of x-rays (or panoramic x-ray depending on the patient’s oral condition) should be taken every three years. Dr. Bemis inspects these x-rays meticulously to ensure that tooth decay is detected in its early stages before it can become a serious problem for his patients.

Cavity Prevention

Fluoride treatment is a proven way to prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay, and is especially helpful in preventing cavities in children. At New Leaf Family Dental we recommend Fluoride treatments every six month for all children under 18 years of age. The Fluoride is applied easily and comfortably with a clear, flavored varnish that remains on the teeth for 20 minutes.

Dental Cleanings (prophylaxis) for Adults and Children

Regular dental cleanings are imperative for the long term oral health of every patient. Even with consistent brushing and flossing habits, oral plaque and tartar can accumulate. Left unchecked, these accumulations can lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, and can contribute to tooth loss and decay. Our hygienists will initially remove all plaque and tartar deposits and then polish all the exposed tooth surfaces. A fluoride treatment may be recommended on a per patient basis if the tooth structure has become demineralized. Patients should seek their dental cleaning twice a year or more if recommended by Dr. Bemis or our hygienists.

Oral Hygiene Motivation and Instruction

Patient home care is vital to maintaining optimum oral health. Dr. Bemis and his staff provide patients with the most current recommendations for home care as provided by the American Dental Association. We constantly instruct, reemphasize, and inspire our patients to work synergistically with our office to accomplish their own personalized, optimized, and stabilized dental health. Along with providing every hygiene patient a complimentary health bag complete with a high quality soft-bristle toothbrush, ADA certified toothpaste, and dental floss, New Leaf Family Dental will offer the sale of high efficiency electric toothbrushes (bought at wholesale price) with minimal markup.

Deep Cleanings (scaling and root planning) for Periodontally Compromised Patients

Periodontal disease is prevalent in our society. New Leaf Family Dental will successfully treat afflicted patients by utilizing hygienists experienced with the scaling and root planing procedures, as well certified in the administration of a local anesthetic to facilitate patient comfort during the procedures. Depending on the individual patient’s stage of periodontal disease, our office will complete the deep cleaning in two or four visits, followed by an increased hygiene reappointment schedule of every three of four months.