Office Information

Office Philosophy

a new way of thinking about dentistry:

At New Leaf Family Dental, we strive to become an integral member of the local community by offering patients a new way of thinking about dentistry.

With a premium placed on personalized patient comfort and meticulously organized office systems, we endeavor to provide our patients with dental care that exceeds their expectations.

By committing ourselves to quality workmanship, professional integrity, and ubiquitous office enthusiasm we provide patients the ability to progress their dental experience beyond their previous limitations.

The ultimate goal of New Leaf Family Dental is to create a unique dental environment that nurtures the patient’s relationship with dentistry by providing care that surpasses their preconceptions.

Through high quality dental treatment, streamlined/ hassle-free patient experiences, and specified personal attention, we appreciate building long-term relationships with our patients and their families.

Our office staff interacts with patients as synergistic equals striving to (1) provide what is best for the patient in any situation, (2) educate the patients with the dental knowledge to become self-sufficient, and (3) accomplish personalized, optimized, and stabilized dental health.

We utilize a conservative approach to diagnosing and treating our patients. We work on an equal level with our patients, helping to educate them of their condition so that treatment decisions are informed and made in a mutually synergistic manner.

When visiting New Leaf Family Dental, our patients become part of our team. This family atmosphere ultimately is how we obtain successful treatment, patient comfort, and our gentle, organized office aura.